Fire & Safety Systems, Emergency Management, Emergency Response

The KRP team of Fire & Emergency Management Consultants have been employed by some of the world’s largest companies.

The team has over 80 years of combined experience globally. We specialize in many industry sectors but mostly focused on the more hazardous industries.


The KRP team include past and present industrial and municipal Chief Fire Officers, Emergency Managers, Health and Safety Managers and engineers who offer a full suite of services and systems developed from many years of experience.

As independent fire safety systems, risk and emergency management, health and safety specialists we assist our customers with understanding requirements, guidelines, codes and practices and where improvements can be made to add value to their organisation.

Fire Safety and Emergency Response Systems

As experienced engineers, emergency responders and health and safety specialists, we understand that it is critical to have the right equipment available for emergency response tasks.

These are often life-threatening situations and reliable systems must be installed to prevent escalation – or worse!


At KRP, we provide you with equipment and systems solutions that meet local code; are suitable to manage your risks and hazards, and we know will work first time – based on our real-world experience.

We are fortunate enough to represent some of the worlds top manufacturers who enable us to provide their equipment to the region. Along with our local manufacturers, we can offer multiple solutions to fit with your budget.

Inspection, Maintenance, Design & Engineering

Our technical services team have been providing inspection, testing and maintenance services to the Asia region since the company’s formation in the early 90’s. We have a stock of common spare parts for major brands such as Ansul, Saval, Imperial, Red Head, Armtex etc.

Our technicians are trained to NFPA and NZQA qualifications and undertake specialist training by various manufacturing companies. Our services are delivered in accordance with guidelines such as NFPA, AS/NZS, CGA, ISO, TIS, and British Standards.

Our workshop contains comprehensive test equipment such as hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinders and hoses, dry chemical powder, Co2, Water & foam fire extinguisher refilling, Breath alcohol unit calibration and much more. Our mobile service team have specialist equipment including Ultrasonic flow meters, fire water flow meters, Class B foam test kit, fire truck pump performance test rig.

We offer our services both on site and at our workshop in Mab Ta Phut for all makes and models of fixed and mobile fire and safety systems.


Our engineering team provide design and installation services for fire suppression systems as well as providing supervision and assurance when others are performing the installation.

Training and Competency

KRP develops and delivers bespoke training packages for individuals and teams from country, and company, crisis management level through to emergency response individuals and teams who deal with all hazards both on and offshore in the industrial, commercial and public sectors.



Incident Command System (ICS) 100, 200, 220, 300 - Oil Spill Response Management - Major Emergency and Crisis management



Industrial Fire Fighting: Oil & gas, power plants, aviation, mining, special hazards

Hazardous Material (HAZMAT), Oil Spill response

Rescue: High angle, confined space, inert atmospheres, USAR, Medical, Oil Spill



ITRA: International Technical Rescue Association

NFPA: National Fire Protection Association

NZQA: New Zealand Qualifications Authority

EFR: Emergency First Response 

IFE:  Institute of Fire Engineers

Emergency Response, HSSE


We can provide fully trained and certified part time & full-time individuals or teams for operating facilities, projects or maintenance turn arounds, oil spill response and major incidents.

We have both local and expatriate expertise on staff



We have a fleet of specialist vehicles and equipment to support our teams

Williams Ambassador 6000gpm water/foam monitor

Hose lay trailer with 400 meters of 6” delivery hose



Additionally, we have support vehicles, equipment and teams to assist our emergency response operations. 


KRP have a cache of emergency response and emergency management equipment available for short and long term rental.

This includes mobile Emergency Command Centre, equipment for tank firefighting, rescue at height, confined space rescue, hazardous materials spill control, firefighting pumps, hoses, nozzles, PPE, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, composite breathing air cylinders, breath alcohol detectors, emergency response vehicles, hose layer, portable water and foam tanks.

24-Hour Emergency Response


+66 99 003 0873 (Eng)

+66 624652777 (Thai)


The KRP Worldwide 24-hour Emergency Response Hotline is certainly the number to call in case of serious emergencies. Fast and well-coordinated to fires, explosions, rescues, chemical and oil spills are crucial to minimizing business impact.

We are a Williams Fire & Hazard recognized emergency response company.


Response Time to Emergency Situations is Crucial


Together with our global partners we can provide part-time and full-time Emergency response teams and remote technical assistance.

KRP specialises in all major hazard categories such as fires, explosions, spills, rescue, hazardous materials, and medical emergencies.

Email us to learn more about how the 24-hour Emergency Response Hotline can help give your company, peace of mind.

You can trust in our Services
Over the years, we have forged strong relationships, not only with large global organisations but key local and regional businesses