Williams Fire and Hazard

Fire and Hazard Control

Since 1980, the WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Response Team has responded worldwide to land and marine based flammable liquid fires, building a history of successful extinguishments — in many cases doing what our contemporaries thought to be impossible.

Fires in depth involving hydrocarbon and alcohol based products, pressure related fires, subterranean fires, hazardous material fire and mitigations … the gamut of scenarios encountered in industry and in extreme municipal environments have been subdued by our tactics, and the tailored equipment and foam concentrates we have developed specifically for these challenges.

One of the most vital assets WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL products and services bring to bear on any incident is experience.

EXPERIENCE shapes everything we do …

From assessment to response, from incident command to equipment design, nearly 4 decades and over 250 successful deployments result in strategies, tactics, and proprietary equipment with an unrivaled record of achievement in the field.